My name is Massimiliano (Max) Ciccotosto. I live in Seattle.  I moved here about seven years ago and I love this city.  I was born and raised in Italy (San Vito Chietino, map).  My family is still there.  I try to visit them at least couple times a year.

Back in the first year of high school I started working at my uncle’s pizzeria.  I worked as waiter for a good part of the next decade.  I had the opportunity to work with some great chefs and directors.  People that really loved what they were doing.  I tried to pick up some tips, recipes and mostly importantly their passion for the cooking fundamentals.

In this blog I hope to share some of the recipes I learned from the people I enjoyed working with.  Many of the recipes come directly from the best cooks in the wolrd…my mom and grandma(s)! 

At some point one of the things I want to do it to open a restaurant, but today cooking it’s not my “job”.  Actually I don’t have an official “daily” job anymore 🙂  I recently left Microsoft and I am now taking some time off and work on side projects (cantiere-idee and


5 Responses to “About Max”

  1. Mercy Says:

    Special request … carbonara … I can’t seem to replicate it from memory and I sure wish I paid more attention in 409!!!!!

    Great site!
    ~ Mercy

  2. Sergio Says:

    Hi, sorry for I disturb you for informatic informations and not for cookinkg recipes. I’ m Sergio and I’m working in an IT Italian company..
    I’ve read your beatiful slides of the event Tech Ed 03 about “Developing Transport Event Messaging Solutions for Windows and Exchange” in which you explain very well the Exchange 2003 event sinks. I’ve read also that there is a Demo on a disclaimer sink, but I didn’t able to find it. Please can you send me that demo to have an idea how to develop an event sink for adding a disclaimer on Exchange? If you have other examples, you would be very grateful if you can send me.

    Thank you very much for all.


    P.S. Your recipes are very good!!!!!

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