Seattle 25 for $25

March 1, 2007

It’s that time of the year where in Seattle you can pay a visit to some nice restaurants and benefit from a special $25 dinner menu.  You can usually get an appetizer, main and dessert.

You can find the list here:

Few personal considerations. 

  • Be aware that many restaurants in the list will have a special menu, which is not as good as the usual things they have.  I seem to recall that Brasa does something like this. 
  • Many restaurants don’t advertise the special menu in the restaurant.  You must ask for it.
  • Also consider that if you order wine and you include tax+ tip you are still looking at a $40/person type of deal.  This is something to keep in mind.   Often if you share one appetizer and one desert you end up paying the same thing, but you have access to the official/real menu.  Think about it…you don’t eat as much, but you eat better and for the same price.  The tradeoff is for you to make.
  • Some of the restaurant offer a similar deal anyway.  The 3rd Floor Fish cafe’ has a $30 menu from Sun-Th all-year-around.  The special menu is a subset of the main one, but it’s still excellent. 

I will probably only try a few of them.  In my personal to-go list:

  • Zoe
  • Barking Frog
  • Champagne
  • Serafina

Have fun!  Let us know what you think!