Wine recommendation: 1998 Barolo “Vigneto Arborina”

January 30, 2007

I was looking at the latest GQ issue and I saw a recommendation for a 1998 Barolo called “Vigneto Arborina”.

It sounded good so I investigated it a bit.  The Robert Parker site reviewed this wine a few years ago and this is what they say:

11) Barolo “Vigneto Arborina” (Elio Altare)- $90 – 15 points (two 1st, four 2nd, one 3rd) – 93 rating Deeply colored. Fragrant nose of ripe cherry fruit is bold and expressive, but also shows some volatility. Quite backward on the palate now; youthfully tannic with great fruit, cedar and tobacco, tremendous richness and complexity. There’s lively acidity as well. Perhaps just a touch too much alcohol. One of the most backward wines tasted, this huge Barolo will start to reward in a decade – or two! Great candidate for cellaring. “

It definitely sounds a good wine to purchase either for yourself or as a gift for your wine expert friends.  It took me a while to find a place that has it.  I found it available at There is not direct link, but you can just search for “vigneto arborina” and you will get the right result.  It’s selling for $60.  I am definitely ordering a bottle.


2 Responses to “Wine recommendation: 1998 Barolo “Vigneto Arborina””

  1. Jay Says:

    I purchased a bottle in Cremona, Italy for 129 euro in 2004. I guess I paid too much. I was saving it until I graduated from college to open since I generally don’t spend that much. Should I seriously take the advice of keeping it corked until 2018, or just pop it now?

  2. Max Says:

    2018 seems definitely a bit away. Big wines can definitely be better after a few years (8-10) in bottle, but I personally would not keep it for that much longer. If you’re graduating anytime in 2008 I would stick with the original goal!

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